We are a small hobby farm originally operating in our spare time and now becoming a full time job for the fourth generation farmer's daughter, Tiffany Thomerson. Luckily she has plenty of help from her family and some teenagers that are interested in the Ag industry. Tiffany always had a love for cattle. Born to a row crop farmer who had cattle and pigs, when Tiffany and, her husband Heath (a horse enthusiast) met, they jumped into family and farm together with both feet. Together, they have a host of ideas and plans for their farm that boasts miniature and mid-size cattle, walking horses, chickens, dogs and cats. If it's unique and edible or petible, you can bet that we are looking for a place to raise it.  

We have a strong desire to breed beautiful, healthy animals for all types of interests. We are especially fond of the miniature and mid size Highlands and Highparks. They are hardy, generally easily socialize cows that produce well for show, pets or beef.

We also breed registered standard Poodles, Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles. We have a Merle female poodle, Pepper, and a black and white with shadow brown markings parti poodle stud, Kash. We socialize all the puppies and our dogs are our pets.

Midsize and miniature cattle are a great selection for small farms. They require much less pasture than full size beef cattle. They also produce a better meat to bone ratio however, most of ours are bred for appearance for those who would like small cattle for pets. We socialize our cows multiple times a day. We allow our calves to naturally wean from mom, only pulling a calf when absolutely necessary.

Twisted T Mini Ranch hopes to be self-sufficient (for the most part) in the next few years while offering goods, services and farm experiences to those who would like to come for a visit. 

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Medium to Standard Poodles Available
Born 5/8/2023




F1B Bernedoodle Puppies Available
Born 5/22/2023

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