Highland Beef For Sale

We raise highland beef. The Scottish Highland has a modern beef carcass with lean, well-marbled, flesh that ensures tenderness and succulence with a very distinctive flavor. Highland beef is healthy and nutritious with lower levels of fat and cholesterol and a higher protein and iron content than other beef.

Scottish Highland beef is slow-maturing making it a premium beef which is lean, well marbled with low fat and cholesterol levels whilst remaining rich in protein and flavor, criteria increasingly demanded by today's market.

A heavy coat insulates against a harsh climate and reduces the need to develop excess back fat. Which means more meat in your hanging and finishing weight for purchase.

Recent studies in both North America and the UK have shown that Highland Beef is consistently much lower in fat content and cholesterol than other breeds. It is so lean that it compares with chicken and fish fat content.
The marbling of the beef gives the same tenderness and tastiness as the other larger breeds.

Studies in the US have verified that Highland Beef is 38% lower in fat content and 4% lower in cholesterol than steaks from local supermarkets.

Studies in the UK list the quantities of fat per 100 grams as:

According to the Mayo-Clinic and many other authorities, grass-fed and grass-finished beef is becoming a highly sought after commodity for the following health reasons.

We have many people coming up our lane-way looking for grass-fed, grass-finished beef on the advise of their health care practitioners and dietitians.

• Less total fat.
• More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
• More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that's thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks.
• More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E.

We are now booking appointments for bulk beef in wholes, halves, and quarters. If you’d like to stock your freezer with all natural beef, please give us a call at 615-476-6607 or email at twistedtminiranch@yahoo.com

The price is $6.50 per lb hanging weight. This price includes all processing fees. We do require a $250 deposit when you place your order. All processing will be done at USDA inspected facilities and all cuts are packaged by them.

Typical hanging weights:

Whole beef 700-800 lbs
Half beef 350-400 lbs
Quarter beef 175-200 lbs

Hanging weight is about double what you’ll get processed. You can buy quarter, half, whole etc. It will have roast, hamburger, steaks, all the cuts

Our cattle are grass fed and grain finished. We do not offer any 100% grass fed and grass finished beef at this time.